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Industry experts explain what happened during first year of dicamba release 7/19/17

A day in the life with dicamba damage 7/18/17

Monsanto Says Dicamba Movement Largely Due to Illegal Products, Sprayer Contamination 7/14/17

Monsanto officials add their perspective on dicamba issues this season 7/13/17

Missouri Department of Agriculture halts temporary ban of new dicamba formulations 7/13/17

Does dicamba drift cause soybean yield loss? 7/12/17

Can Dicamba Survive in the Marketplace 7/12/17.

Minimize Off-Target Dicamba 7/12/17

Dicamba Spraying: Tennessee Steps Up with “New Rules” – No Ban 7/12/17

Why Dicamba-Tolerant Soybean Technology Is in Trouble 7/11/17

Arkansas Sets Dicamba Ban, Increased Penalties 7/8/17

Arkansas Panel Approves Fines Up to $25,000 for Dicamba Misuse 7/7/17

Post-Direct or Hooded Options for Layby Weed Control 7/6/17

Dicamba drift issues mount east of the Mississippi River 6/29/17

Suspect pesticide drift? What to do and how to prevent it from occurring 6/22/17

Weed scientists caution against off-label spraying of dicamba and 2,4-D  6/16/17

Dicamba weed control gets top spot at MU Pest Management Day, July 7 6/19/17

Off-target dicamba complaints up across the Mid-South 6/20/17

What’s New in Herbicide Technology for 2017 6/02/17

Be Wary Of Inversion That Can Cause Herbicide Drive 6/13/17

4 Steps to Minimize Drift Potential While Spraying 6/9/17

16 Steps to Better Spraying 6/5/17

What’s New in Herbicide Technology for 2017 6/02/17

VIDEO: Nozzle Selection Enlist Duo herbicide

Don’t rely on one shot of dicamba for PPO-resistant pigweeds 05/26/27

First Labeled Application of XtendiMax® Herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology is a Success 05/24/17

Predictive model closing in on dicamba injury projection for soybeans 05/25/17

Top 5 mistakes that lead to spray drift problems 5/7/17

3 Keys to Better Herbicide Coverage and Results5/6/17

4 Steps to Help Reduce Potential for Off-Target Dicamba Movement 4/27/17

VIDEO: Making the Most of the Enlist™ Cotton Trait and Enlist Duo® Herbicide 4/21/17 

VIDEO: Know the Buffers and Setbacks Required with Enlist Duo herbicide 4/20/17

VIDEO: How to Succeed with the Enlist Weed Control System  4/20/17

Arkansas legislature increases penalties for egregious spraying violations to $25,000 04/18/17

Spraying herbicides off-label in Missouri will cost you

Defensive cotton variety selection comes with risk  04/06/17

Online database can help ag professionals, homeowners diagnose herbicide injury to plants 03/29/17

Be Wary of Inversions That Can Cause Herbicide Drift


Know the new rules for dicamba technologies 03/15/17

Start clean, rotate chemistries to make Xtend work  03/14/17

Non-labeled herbicide formulations may be problematic in 2017  03/10/17

‘We’re running out of herbicides’  03/08/17

What’s New in the Corn and Soybean Herbicide Pipeline 03/08/17

Required Training for Auxin Herbicides in Arkansas Now Online  03/06/17

Required certification course for Engenia, Enlist Duo use in Arkansas available  03/05/07

More Nozzles for XtindiMax 03/02/17

New dicamba formulations do not reduce drift: Part III 03/02/17

No dicamba-tolerant tomatoes coming ‘anytime soon:’ Part II  03/01/2017

Crop mix, lack of dicamba knowledge created perfect storm in Bootheel: Part I  03/01/17

Six Greenleaf Nozzles Approved for Use with XtendiMax 2/24/17

Thoughts on Nozzles Added to XtendiMax Label 2/22/17

EPA Approves New Tank Mixes, Adjuvants and Nozzles for Xtendimax 2/20/17

EPA Approves DuPont’s FeXapan Dicamba Herbicide 2/17/17

EPA Approves New Low-Volatile Dicamba Formulation Dupont’s FEXAPAN Registered for Use in 2017 2/16/17

CDMS Applied Intelligence Label Database 2/17/17

Xtendimax Summary of Application Requirements 2/17/17

Fourteen Southern States Register Enlist Duo for Use on Enlist Crops 2/14/17

Seed Companies Offering New Trait Packages for Increased Acreage 2/7/17

Resistance Management Even More Critical with New Herbicides 2/6/17

Correct Nozzle Pressures Important in Xtend System 1/31/17

Clarifying Arkansas Dicamba Regulations 1/31/17

New Software Available to Help Control Pigweeds 1/31/17

Best Management Practices for Auxin-Tolerant Cotton Technologies 1/20/17

Enlist Duo Herbicide Registered for Use on Enlist Cotton 1/13/17

Texas Wineries Worry EPA Approval of Monsanto, Dow Herbicides Will “Kill” Industry 1/3/17

EPA Registers Engenia Herbicide from BASF 12/21/16

Dicamba-related public comments highlight large list of concerns  11/22/16